The Moscow Kremlin is one of the biggest architectural and urban development ensembles in the world. It stands in the centre of the city, on the Borovitsky Hill situated on the Moskva River left bank. It resembles an irregular triangle. Walls’ height, narrow embrasures, places for staying during the fight and distances between the towers—all these tell us that the Kremlin is the fortress in the first place. But once you enter the Kremlin the feeling changes. The territory of 27,5 hectare houses wide squares and beautiful gardens, majestic palaces and plenty of churches. The whole city in the city, which had been forming for many centuries, today preserves monuments of Russian architecture of the 14th–20th centuries. The cathedrals, churches, administrative buildings form the ensemble of Cathedral, Ivanovskaya, Senatskaya, Dvortsovaya and Troitskaya Squares, as well as Spasskaya, Borovitskaya, and Dvortsovaya Streets in the Kremlin. The ancient and the new squares form an architectural ensemble, but each component has its own history and unique architectural appearance.




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