The exposition in the southern annex of the Archangel Cathedral is devoted to one of the oldest and venerated monasteries in Russia – the Ascension (Voznesensky) Convent in the Moscow Kremlin, which was founded by Grand Princess Eudokia, the wife of Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy.

The white stone cathedral, built by her order, was consecrated in honor of the Ascension of Christ. It is known that Eudokia took the veil there under the name of Euphrosyne in 1407 and was buried in the cathedral after her death. From that time the Ascension Cathedral became a burial place for Grand Princesses and Tsarinas, and for over three centuries it had served as the largest Kremlin necropolis for the wives of Grand Princes and Tsars. Sophia Vitovtovna (the wife of Grand Prince Vasily I), Sophia Palaiologina (the wife of Tsar Ivan III), Anastasia Romanovna (the first wife of Tsar Ivan the Terrible), Irina Godunova (the wife of Tsar Feodor Ioannovich), Natalia Kirillovna (the mother of Emperor Peter I), and others were buried under the vaults of the Ascension Cathedral.

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