The Archangel Cathedral, constructed in 1505-1508 by the Italian architect Aloisio Novy, is the most unique monument in the whole ensemble of the Cathedral Squire of the Moscow Kremlin. The cathedral is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, the patron saint of princes in there feats of arms. Great princes used to come here to pray before going off to war, hoping to inspire moral courage for their deeds. Younger brothers of princes would swear an oath of loyalty to the grand princes. After the coronation ceremony, tsars would lead a solemn procession to the cathedral to pay respect to their ancestors. The Archangel Cathedral became the burial place of the great princely dynasties of Moscow – the Ryurikids and the Romanovs. 

The exposition in the southern annex of the Archangel Cathedral is devoted to one of the oldest monasteries in Moscow – the Ascension (Voznesensky) Convent, founded by Grand Princess Eudokia (no later than 1386), the wife of Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy. 

In the north-eastern side chapel of the Archangel Cathedral there is an exposition dedicated to St Varus the Martyr.


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