The Moscow Kremlin Museums launch the eighth annual Music Festival "Ambassadorial Gifts", dedicated to a large-scale exhibition project of the Museum “The Kremlin Legends: Russian Romantiсism and the Armoury Chamber”.

This is the first time that the exhibition covers the legends that spread at the beginning of the 19th century and still surround the works of art in the Armoury Chamber, as well as the fascination with the Middle Ages and the start of the research of the Kremlin's museum collection of the period. The court customs of the Russian state, the politics of the Russian monarchs and the historical events that accompanied them are reflected in the priceless artefacts of the Armoury Chamber.

Court ceremonies were always accompanied by the performance of musical works. The compositions chosen for the Festival, in accordance with the concept of each concert, are intended to give greater expression and scope to the courtly customs of the Russian state, which existed at different times. They are organized into three main themes: "Ambassadorial Customs", "Music of Tsar's Ceremonies" and "Great Victories of Russia".