The annual Music Festival "Ambassadorial Gifts" is dedicated to the exhibition project 'The 100th Anniversary of the USSR: G. V. Chicherin and the Soviet Diplomacy'. The end of 2022 is marked by two important anniversaries: the 100th Anniversary of the USSR and the 150th Anniversary of the brilliant Soviet diplomat – Georgy Vasilievich Chicherin. On the 13th of December, the world got to know about a new state coming into being – the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – which became a history-making event. The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs G.V. Chicherin played an important role in its formation and development, achieved its recognition by the world powers and brought the young Soviet state out of political and economic isolation.

A man of wide interests, Chicherin was an exceptional expert and passionate music connoisseur. He was an outstanding pianist himself, with an excellent memory for music and a virtuoso technique on the instrument. Mozart had a special place in his heart. The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs became an author of an original musicological work about the great Austrian composer. In the decline of years he wrote, "I experienced a revolution and Mozart, the revolution was the present and Mozart - a foretaste of the future."

The programme of the VII Music Festival "Ambassadorial Gifts" presents works by avant-garde composers and classical heritage created by Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, whose music is rediscovered for each generation of listeners.