The Moscow Kremlin Museums hold the VI International Music Festival "Ambassadorial Gifts", dedicated to the exhibition project "Decline of the Dynasty: The Last Rurikids and the False Dmitry", from 19th to 31th May 2021.

The festival included three concerts, revealing the subject of the Time of Troubles through secular, spiritual and instrumental music from the 16th-17th centuries.

The opening concert "Dmitry’s name has come back..." was dedicated to secular and spiritual European music of the 17th century. The guests were treated to a performance by Russia's first costumed ensemble of Renaissance and Baroque instruments, Alta Capella, conducted by Ivan Velikanov. A concert of Old Russian sacred music of the turn of the 16th-17th centuries performed by the Sirin ensemble at the Patriarch’s Palace proceeded the festival, while the Novoselie musical project closed the "Ambassadorial Gifts". The premiere of the cantata "The Time of Troubles" becomes the final chord of the program.


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