14, 15, 17, 19 APRIL, 2015

The music festival will be held in the Moscow Kremlin  Museums from April 14 to April 19, 2015. The new music project of the Moscow Kremlin Museums is aimed at paying the tribute to the great architect of the Renaissance epoch Aristotele Fioravanti.

The festival program reflects music tendencies of the XVth – XVIth centuries, as well as comprises church and secular music created by Russian and European composers of the XVIIIth – XIXth centuries.

The best Russian consorts of the early music will participate in the festival, with Alta capella and The Baroque soloists among them. The Alta capella is the first in Russia costume consort playing Renaissance and Baroque wind instruments. The musicians view their mission in acquainting the audience with the European religious and secular vocal and instrumental music of the XIVth – XVIIth centuries. The Moscow chamber orchestra The Baroque Soloists is one of the few Russian music consorts performing the XVIIth – XIXth centuries’ music in historically authentic manner. Andrey Spiridonov, its founder and art director, is a Moscow Conservatory graduate as a cellist and a composer.

The renowned Grand Academic Choir “Masters of choral singing” (art director and conductor – Lev Kontorovich, People’s artist of the Russian Federation) and soloists of the Novaya opera theatre will also take part in the festival. Bell chimes will be performed too.

The theme of the music project is closely related to the history of Russia and the Muscovy under the rule of the Great prince Ivan III, who managed to create the united and independent state. A group of architects and masters led by Aristotele Fioravanti was invited by him from Italy in the year 1475. The Assumption cathedral, the first building created in Moscow by the famous architect, is the heart of the architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin renovated by Ivan III. It’s the end of the construction of the Assumption cathedral in 1479 which became the motive for the creation of the most ancient choir ensemble – the corporation of the prince’s singers.


Date, time Venue Performers Program
April 14
The Assumption Cathedral Academy of Choral Art,
Yurlov Russian State Academic Choir
Bell chimes,
Religious music by Russian composers of the XIXth century
April 15
The Armoury Chamber Alta Capella Renaissance music,
Francesco Petrarca's sonnets
April 17
The Patriarch's Palace The soloists ensemble of the Grand Academic Choir “Masters of choral singing”,
The Baroque Soloists
Church music by Russian and European composers of the XVIIth – XIXth centuries
April 19
The Patriarch's Palace,
The Assumption Belfry
The Grand Academic Choir “Masters of choral singing” Religious music by Russian composers of the XIXth century,
Bell chimes

Recording of the second tier of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower chimes



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