Musical dramatic composition dedicated to the reign of Boris Godunov.

November 11, 2015. The Armoury Chamber.

The turn of the 17th century is a particular period in the Russian musical culture. Owing to the attention which had been paid by Boris Godunov to the West European scientific and cultural achievements the European forms of playing music appeared in Russia.

In 1586 the English ambassador Jerome Horsey which, by commission of the tsar’s court, was making purchases in England, wrote in his memoir, "In London  I've got organs, clavichords and musicians". He also noted that the tsarina "was surprised at the site of organs and clavichords gilded and decorated with enamel". The musical programme of the concert reveals the nature of Boris Godunov's epoch.

Musical pieces which include Russian canticles of the early 17th century, as well as the mass by Claudio Monteverdi will be performed by "Questa musica", a vocal and instrumental ensemble, which includes young gifted musicians. Philipp Chizhevsky, founder and conductor of the ensemble, is a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory and a prize-winner of the All-Russia choir conductors' contest. The concert also includes reading of historical chronicle as well as ideas byWest European and Russian philosophers, historians and writers on the topics of power, philosophy of the new time and 17th century Russian culture influenced by the Western art. The dramatic part of the concert will be performed by Ilya Liubimov, theatre and cinema actor.


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