Carl Fabergé & Feodor Rückert. Masterpieces of Russian Enamel

T.N. Muntyan
3000 RUB.

Language: Russian, photo captions in Russian and English.

This publication is dedicated to the exhibition "Carl Fabergé & Fedor Rückert. Masterpieces of Russian Enamel", which tells about the work of the eminent, but until recently little-known jeweller Fedor Rückert, who collaborated with many well-known companies, including the one of Carl Fabergé. Fedor Rückert created silver pieces decorated with multicoloured enamel, inserts with miniature compositions, which often reproduced art works of famous Russian painters, such as Viktor Vasnetsov. This is the first edition to show the career of the outstanding jeweller in such a volume – the catalogue includes about five hundred items, three hundred of which were created in his studio.

The catalogue is on sale in museum shops opposite the Patriarch's Palace, in the Alexander Garden, Armoury Chamber, and Annunciation Cathedral.