'Anatomic Theatre' shopper

450 RUB.

Specifically for the exhibition 'Peter the Great: Collector, Scholar, Artist', The Moscow Kremlin Museums have designed a series of souvenirs based on the motives of an engraving from the book by Frederik Ruysch

Frederik Ruysch - a Dutch botanist and anatomist of the 17th - early 18th centuries, who created a unique collection which laid the foundation for the famous Kuntskamera in Saint Petersburg. He devoted his life to developing techniques for preserving anatomical specimens forever. Peter the Great used to visit Ruysch’s anatomical theatre in Amsterdam, which inspired him to make his own collection of rarities in Saint Petersburg. The Emperor bought the reagents from the Dutchman and put a lot of effort in order to find out the secret compound that the forensic doctor had invented.

Characteristics: heavy cotton, unlined.
Size: 35×45 см (excluding handles).

A selection of souvenirs is available to purchase from the exhibition hall in the Assumption Belfry.