Foreign Orders of the Russian Emperors

L.M. Gavrilova
3100 RUB.

Language: English.

Written by Liudmila Gavrilova, Doctor of Historical Sciences, distinguished specialist in the field of phaleristics and medal art, custodian of the orders and medals collection of the Armoury Chamber, author and curator of the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ exhibitions on Russian and foreign orders, the monograph encompasses the results of countless years of research and attribution of foreign orders from the museum’s collection. The study of archival documents not yet in scientific circulation, analyses of a wide range of specialized literature and evaluation of historic objects available in public and private phaleristic collections made it possible to shine a light on a wide range of issues connected to foreign orders.

This monograph contains rich illustrative material, including previously never published photographs of historic objects from the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, unique documentary evidence and illustrations of masterpieces from European and American art collections.


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