Suprematism Vision: Space Motifs in the Graphic Works and Jewellery Designs of Nadia Léger

L. Peshekhonova
900 RUB.

The catalogue presents a unique collection of suprematist jewellery from the Moscow Kremlin Museums' collection made in 1970 to the design of Nadia Léger — a famous artist of the 20th century and representative of the Parisian art school. In creating these jewellery pieces commemorating Yuri Gagarin's space flight, she turned to the Suprematism of the early 1920s, with which she first came into contact in her youth.

The catalogue includes an article on the artist's creative career, the first fully published set of Nadia Léger's Suprematist jewellery designs, and some of her graphic works from Russian museums.


The edition is on sale in our museum shop in the Alexander Garden, in the book department of the Armory Chamber, in the shop opposite the Patriarch's Palace.