Please note! The conference is to be held on 20-22 October 2020 in online mode. To join the event on the ZOOM platform, you need to register here:


Dear colleagues!

The Moscow Kremlin State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site invites you to take part in the XVII annual conference Museum Libraries in Modern Society.

The 2020 subject of the year : Custodians of Book Collections.

We offer you to talk about the librarian’s role in the history of museum and library book collections. In the course of the conference we will discuss the following issues:

- historical book collections and their custodians;

- librarian: the history of the profession;

- library custodians of the second half of the 19th - early 20th centuries - academic scientists;

- librarians and bibliophiles;

- the time of change: the role of the librarian in preserving funds;

- librarian as a researcher and popularizer of book collections.

The following discussion is planned: “Librarians: keepers or researchers?”

If you are interested in the aforesaid range of issues, we are waiting for you at the annual conference Museum Libraries in Modern Society.

The conference will be held on 21 - 23 April 2020 at the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

To participate in the conference, you should register on the official website of the Kremlin Museums:

The program committee accepts presentations in the form of in-person reports for consideration, as well as poster presentations in the form of posters (for a presentation of a poster, a special time in the conference program will be allocated).

Preliminary publication of abstracts of conference reports is planned.

The Reports should be registered until 30 December 2019. Abstracts should be emailed in rtf or docx format (edited text with a maximum of 4000 characters; notes within the text) by 30 December 2019 to an email address: The organizing committee reserves the right to select reports. All the expenses of the participants excluding those who are working in Moscow are paid by the sending party.

Applications for participation in the conference without reports as listeners are accepted until 1 April 2020.


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Head, Department of the Scientific Reference Library – Svetlana Kostanyan
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Head, Department of manuscript, printing and graphic funds – Elena Isaeva
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