We would like to show you a photo-report on installing the exhibition 'Peter the Great. Collector, Scholar, Artist', which opens to visitors on the 30th November 2019. The guests of the exhibition will be immersed in the new worlds that amazed and inspired Tsar Peter the Great during his trips.

The display will be held in the exhibition hall of the Assumption Belfry and exhibition hall of the Patriarch’s Palace—each of them has got its own colour scheme, lighting solution and spacing. Visitors will have a chance to see unique pieces from the ‘Chinese’ and ‘Siberian’ collections of Peter the Great, archival documents, state regalia, ceremonial arms and armour, exceptional works of jewellery, painting, graphics, sculpture, glyptics, as well as medals and coins.

The displayed scientific implements, belonging to the Emperor, rare books and drawings, which laid the foundation for the Kunstkammer (Cabinet of Curiosities), will help to reveal the variety of his personality. Among the exhibits are personally handcrafted objects and works of art produced by Peter the Great—now they are kept in the largest museums across Russia and Europe.

The exhibition will last until 8 March 2010.

To learn more, please visit our theme-based satellite site peterthegreat.kreml.ru