The exhibition 'Guardians of Time. Conservation at the Moscow Kremlin Museums' will open in the Assumption Belfry and the Patriarch's Palace exhibition halls on 12 July 2019. Dedicated to the crucial and one of the most 'privy' areas of the Museums' activity, the show will reveal the secrets of the Kremlin conservators' work over the last 5 years.

'Our museum keeps a unique collection of State regalia, and part of it has been restored. Many objects were stored in the depository for a long time and will be presented to the audience at the exhibition for the first time. Besides, the project is very important for the future of the museum: all the exhibits will be later put on permanent display in the new building at Red Square', said Elena Gagarina, director general of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

Conservation studios have existed in The Kremlin Museums since 1963. The most amazing and sophisticated pieces of the museum's collection have passed through the hands of the restorers during this period. Developing the best conservation traditions and mastering modern methods of work – underpinned by outstanding practical skills and constant research for new techniques - the museum staff preserves and brings back to life masterpieces of the Tsar's and Princely Treasury.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums own a large collection of icons, textiles and weapons, as well as jewellery, books and historical documents. Our innovative conservation methods are based on complex technological and creative approaches and make it possible not only to preserve but often to give a new life to an object. Our specialists return the monuments to their original appearance, rediscover the names of the artists and makers, learn the details and historical context of their creation.

The exhibition will show the State regalia, personal belongings of the Russian monarchs, and ceremonial weapons, as well as Old-Russian icons and magnificent works by Russian and Western European jewellers. Specialists of all the departments – metal, textiles, paper, tempera and oil painting – contributed to the conservation of these pieces.

In the Assumption Belfry, visitors will be able to see objects relating to the State ceremonial, weapons and horse harness, as well as works by the best Western European craftsmen from the Treasury of the Moscow rulers. Among the highlights of this section are luxurious Diamond Caps that belonged to brothers and co-rulers Ivan Alekseyevich and Peter Alekseyevich (future Peter the Great), a Renaissance Italian helmet and French tapestry from the 'Muses' series as well as other art pieces, that vividly reflect the image of Russian and Western European court culture of various periods.

Rare artifacts from the Kremlin Churches and Monasteries will be displayed in the Patriarch's Palace Exhibition Hall: icons, liturgical embroidery and other precious liturgical objects from the Kremlin vestries. Visitors will be able to evaluate results of years-long painstaking conservation of The Kremlin Museums' collection pearl – 'Divine Wisdom' icon dating back to the first half of the 15th century.

A rich multimedia presentation will accompany the show and will allow the viewers to immerse themselves in the working process of the Kremlin conservators belonging to different studios.

12 July – 13 October 2019

For further information contact:

Press office of the Moscow Kremlin Museums