On 8 September 2021, the Alexander I – Empires' Restorer exhibition, presenting pieces from the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection opens in the State Museum of the South Ural History (Chelyabinsk). That is the fourth project realized as part of the agreement between the regional government and the Kremlin Museums. On display which is timed to coincide with the 220th Anniversary of the enthronement of Emperor Alexander I are exceptional pieces from the Armoury Chamber relating to the sovereign, his deeds and the epoch of this prominent ruler.  

The exposition consists of five sections and narrates the history of Alexander I from his youth and coronation till the period of Europe’s liberation from the French domination. Visitors have an opportunity to see rare pictures of the Imperial family, cameos carved by his mother Empress Maria Fyodorovna, a precious sabre presented by his grandmother Catherine the Great, a military uniform, which he wore during his coronation ceremony, and the Emperor's awards – the highest orders of the Russian Empire.

Moreover, the exhibition includes a diversity of items and documents, viz a series of medals, minted in commemoration of large-scale battles and key events of the 1812 Patriotic War, as well as in commemoration of the overseas campaigns of Russian troops in 1813-1814; copper plates with the inscriptions in Russian and French with the list of artillery trophy of the Napoleonic Army, that were transferred to the Kremlin on the order of Alexander I; a decree on the foundation of the Armoury Chamber museum, and a Panel with the Manifesto proclaiming the Holy Alliance of the European monarchs. 

Another section comprises everyday objects belonging to the monarch, i.e. stationery from the Small Kremlin (Nikolaevsky) Palace, a lorgnette, a camping bed, and silver vessels. Visitors will discover that the belongings of the unpretentious emperor are distinguished by their simplicity and lack of luxury.

Simultaneously with the exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, the State Museum of the South Ural History will present two of its own, which connect Alexander I’s figure with the region. They are "Alexander I's Travels in the Urals. 1824" and "An Exquisite Lace Pattern on Steel" (devoted to the works of art of the Zlatoust Arms Factory founded by Alexander I). Museum director Vladimir Bogdanovsky was the initiator, ideological inspirer and author of these exhibitions. "It's not just collaboration but a synergy, which resulted in a triptych of exhibitions, recreating very significant events for the state and the region," says Alexey Opeikin, technical curator of the exhibition "Alexander I – Empires’ Restorer".

Direct transmission of the vernissage is available on the 'Culture RF' portal and online broadcasters of the State Museum of the South Ural History.