On 13 October 2021, the delegation of the Cultural Center of the Korean Embassy visited the Kremlin Museums to get acquainted with the Armoury Chamber audio guide in Korean. “Notwithstanding the variety of significant museums and Moscow and Russia, I think that the Armoury Chamber is of particular importance. It’s a great honour that a Korean audio guide has appeared here; after all, the Kremlin is the ” said the Plenipotentiary Minister, councillor, Director of the Cultural Center of the Republic of Korea, Vi Myung Jae. 

The head of the delegation expressed her hope that the epidemiological situation would change and tourist flow from Korea would renew, “Certainly, there are not many Korean visitors and tourists now due to pandemia, but this situation will change, and we believe that the guests from Korea will be able to immerse into Russian culture more deeply and friendly when coming to the Armoury Chamber.”

When director Vi Myung Jae finished the excursion with an audio guide, she said, “I have been to the Armoury Chamber 2-3 times before. But today, thanks to the excursion, I could learn all the facts that I missed when I came here by myself, as well as have I noticed significant moments in Russian culture and development.”

The Moscow Kremlin Museums, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, have launched an audio guide in the Armoury Chamber in the Korean language on 1 October. The startup was put into practice with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in the frames of bilateral exchange between Korea and Russia in 2020-2021.