The Moscow Kremlin Museums and Department of Culture of Moscow launched a large-scale photo project "Masterpieces of the Moscow Kremlin" in the streets, boulevards, and parks of Moscow. The museum will show to Muscovites and guests of the city national treasures from the collection of the Armoury Chamber, among which are state regalia, Easter gifts by Fabergé firm, coronation costumes. Above that the museum will display unique photographs of the Kremlin. The audience will see the architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin in its full splendor, its magnificent Cathedral Square, views of the city from the "Ivan the Great" Bell Tower. Splendid decoration of the cathedrals will neither be neglected.

Photo project "Masterpieces of the Moscow Kremlin" started in the park "Sokolniki" with the photography exhibition, devoted to the collection of state regalia. Not a single museum collection in Russia has analogues of the exhibits, shown in these photos. A special place in the collection take ancient symbols of power such as precious crowns, among which is the main crown – Cap of Monomakh, as well as pectoral crosses, thrones, scepters, orbs, and other chef d'oeuvres. Photographs of the art pieces, created by Russian, European and Eastern masters, can be seen at one of the alleys close to the main entrance of Sokolniki Park till the end of July 2021.

Continuation of the photo project will wait for its viewers in Gorky Park, the Arbat, Nikitsky and Gogolevsky boulevards and other streets of the city in autumn 2021 and spring 2022.

For further information please contact the press service of the Moscow Kremlin Museums:
tel: +7 (495) 695-41-87