On 22 December 2023, the Moscow Kremlin Museums held for the guests of lecture hall a festive programm “A New Year Ball in Gedeonov's Mansion” that was dedicated to the balls of the Romanticism epoch. 

In the cozy atmosphere of the old mansion that belonged to chamberlain of imperial court A. M. Gedeonov, the guests learned what the dandies of Pushkin epoch wore for coming-outs, what the social etiquette for women and men was, what meals were served at the in-home balls and about the most loved dances in the 1830-1840s: waltz, mazurka, and quadrille.

Surprises and mysterious scenes, greeting by the host of the mansion A. A. Gedeonov, acquaintance with the personages from the past and young talents of modern time, the most interesting games of the balls – all these awaited the guests of our evening. Under the guidance of an experienced dance-master, they learned the main figures of the dances popular at the balls in the first third of the 19th century. At the end of the evening all comers “walked” in polonaise, circled in waltz and danced a flying polka!

Let us congratulate all friends of our museum with the coming New Year! We look forward to meeting you at our programmes!