“It was not easy to achieve these high results as we were facing a complicated economic situation. However, we managed to adjust our work to the new circumstances and attract the guests both to the Armoury Chamber, cathedrals, guided tours and displays, lectures, concerts, cultural and educational programs. Organizing events of this kind gave us an opportunity to widen our audience. Moreover, the possibility of buying all types of tickets online makes it very convenient to plan a visit to the Museum. The attendance to the Museums is traditionally high, but we have never received more than two million people per year”, said Elena Gagarina, Director General of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

In 2015 the Moscow Kremlin Museums held 4 exhibitions – 'Map of Russia. Milestones in History', 'Memory of the Victory. Awards of World War II', 'European Orders of Knighthood' and 'Boris Godunov. From a Courtier to the Sovereign of All Russia', visited by hundreds of thousands of people. Besides, a new display was open in the South annex of the Archangel Cathedral. It is devoted to the Ascension Monastery destroyed in 1929.

Guided tours over the Kremlin territory and the Armoury Chamber, both sightseeing and thematic, stay traditionally popular. Among the most popular are: 'Stone Chronicle of the Kremlin' revealing the evolution of the architectural ensemble of the Kremlin during seven centuries,  'State Regalia and Items of Court Ceremonial' dedicated to the main state relics of Russia, an excursion program 'World of  Fabergé' devoted to the largest and the most famous Russian jewellery firm of the 19th-20th centuries, 'Vintage carriages', which demonstrates one of the biggest collections of precious carriages in the world, and many others. This year the Museum housed more than 16,000 excursions.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums’ Lecture Hall, being an intellectual center and a place for meeting with experts in history, art and culture, continues to attract visitors of any age. Both experts of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and lecturers from the State Hermitage, the Moscow State University, Russian State Humanitarian University and other cultural and scientific organizations speak to the audience there. A special 'Club meetings' project ran within the framework of exhibitions in 2015. The leading specialists – historians, curators of museum collections and collectors gave lectures there. This year there were held 330 lectures, 203 cultural and educational programs for adults and children in the museum.

The tradition of music festivals was continued in 2015. The main idea of ​​the Festival 'Ambassadorial gifts', held in the framework of the exhibition 'Boris Godunov. From a Courtier to the Sovereign of All Russia', was the mutual influence of cultures during the reign of the first elected Russian Tsar. An authentic music of the 16th-17th centuries was performed by famous music groups from Russia, France, Great Britain and Iran at the Armoury Chamber and the Patriarch's Palace. 

Visitors can buy tickets to any event, including tickets to the Kremlin territory, the Armoury Chamber, lectures, concerts, cultural and educational programs on the website of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Moreover, group online booking service is available from December 2015, which simplifies the process of reserving and purchasing tickets.