The Moscow Kremlin Museums will present the editions at the International Fair of Intellectual Literature “Non/fiction” that will take place in the Gostiniy Dvor from 30 November to 3 December.  

Музеи Московского Кремля примут участие в книжной ярмарке Non/fiction №25

Among the novelties presented at the market, there is a catalogue of the exhibition “Legends of the Kremlin: Russian Romanticism and the Armoury Chamber”. This project has a special value for the Moscow Kremlin Museums since it is studying the historical period when the royal treasury transformed into a national museum. It was in the 19th century when the patriotic rise and an overwhelming interest in national history occurred. The search for antiquities that had memorial value and were connected to the heroes of the past became the characteristic feature of the Romanticism epoch. The edition tells how the systematic studying of the Kremlin collection was being held and how its items were being associated with legends and at the same time were acquiring scientific attributions. The readers will learn, which myths grew over some objects of the display, what was their origin and how far are they from reality.

The book by historian Yu. N. Uvarova "From Epiphany to Pancake Week.  Russian Celebratory Traditions in the 17th to the Early 20th Century”which came out in November 2023 tells how the winter holidays of the Orthodox calendar were celebrated. The edition narrates about features of solemn ceremonies during the reign of tsars and emperors of the Romanov family as well as about rituals, festivities and meals timed to different holidays – from the Blessing of Water to the Cheesefare Week.

Three editions published by the Moscow Kremlin Museums participate in the competition “Non/fiction Book Cover”. The catalogue “The Duel: from Trial by Combat to a Noble Crime” (Russian and English versions) is dedicated to the history, myths, practices and key principles of the duel in Western Europe of the 16th-17th centuries. The book introduces to the readers the international exhibition project that went under changes due to geopolitics. The edition includes images of art objects from famous national museums, libraries and archives as well as exhibits from the collections of leading European museums that did not become part of the final display.

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