The Moscow Kremlin Museums, in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of the Republic of Korea in the Russian Federation, have launched an audio guide in the Armoury Chamber. The startup was put into practice with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea in the frames of bilateral exchange between Korea and Russia in 2020-2021 and timed to the origin of diplomatic relations between the two countries on 30 September 1990. 

The audio guide narrates the history of forming the Armoury Chamber, which incorporates the symbols of the power of Russian sovereigns — from the Cap of Monomach to coronation attire of emperors and empresses of the 19th century. It tells about the building representing the treasury museum itself — according to the architect’s design, it meant to remind of a stone casket for jewels. Visitors can get acquainted with the exposition in any order, just choosing an appropriate hall number. 

The Kremlin Museums have seen great interest among guests from the Republic of Korea in Russian culture and museums in the past few years. The audio guide in Korean will be of use to the citizens of Korea living in Russia and Korean tourists in exploring the collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.