On 16 November 2023, within the framework of the United Cultures Forum in Saint Petersburg, the partnership agreement between the  Moscow Kremlin Museums and the National Museum of Oman was solemnly signed by Elena Gagarina, General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, and His Excellency Jamal Hassan al-Moosawi, General Secretary.

The agreement determines the forms of cooperation between two museums – cross-exhibitions, sharing experience in regards to the restoration of art objects from the collection, scientific and cultural projects. Two exchange projects are planned for the coming 2024 and 2025.

The first will be the exhibition from the National Museum of Oman, the inauguration of which is scheduled for July 2024. It will take place as part of the initiative “The Day of Oman”. Besides, in 2024, the on-site training for the staff members of the National Museum of Oman will be organized by the restorers of fabrics and arms in the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

“Over the years, the Moscow Kremlin Museums have been showing exhibitions, which introduce to the visitors the treasuries of royal courts - both European and Eastern ones. We have brought to Moscow the collections from different museums of China, Japan, Kuwait, Qatar. I am delighted to resume our international display activity and hope that next year we will honourably represent the treasury of the Omai sultans to the residents and guests of the Russian capital. This will be the first experience of the collaboration with the National Museum of Oman and I am sure we will implement an interesting and remarkable project“, notes Elena Gagarina, General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

The partnership agreement runs for three years and will bring forward the development of the national policy of Russia and Oman in the sphere of culture.

For further information please contact the press centre of the Moscow Kremlin Museums:  press@kremlin.museum.ru, t.+7 (495) 695-41-87



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