Calligraphy, as one of the features of scholarship, is closely linked to the conception of a new display in the Kremlin Museums, since the project is dedicated to the "extension of knowledge" in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)—a period when interest in art, literature, music, philosophy and history becomes a real cult. That is why the highlight of the exhibition is a "scholar’s cabinet" representing an armchair, shelf for keeping books and scrolls, table for calligraphy and “treasures” of a calligrapher.

Talking about modern artists, they tried to get read of rigid boundaries of traditional calligraphy and to take a new look at its tasks towards the nearest future. That’s the way a new style called calligraffiti has originated.

Russian Ambassador of the international calligraffiti community Pokras Lampas took part in an advertising campaign for the exhibition ‘Ming Dynasty: The Radiance of Knowledge’. The artist showed his original calligraffiti interpretation of a classic style by an example of the phrase “the bright epoch”, literal translation of the characters 明代[Ming dynasty].

Promo by:

Produced by Celentano Production

Directed by Elena Celentano

Artist Pokras Lampas

Camera man Vyacheslav Myrzak

Music by music studio PNK Studio

Composers Nikita Vazhenin, Daniil Tsovin


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