The main hero of the advertising campaign for the exhibition ‘Ming Dynasty: The Radiance of Knowledge’ is calligraphy, both traditional and avant-garde.
Video triptych begins with the video clip with calligraffiti by Pokras Lampas and continues with two videos presenting traditional calligraphy.
Character 明代 [ming dai – Ming dynasty, bright epoch] is composed of [ming – bright] and [dai – epoch].
#сияниеучености, #каллиграфия, #покраслампас
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Promo by:

Produced by Celentano Production
Calligrapher Alexander Belyaev
Camera man Vyacheslav Myrzak
Photographer Ekaterina Gerbey
Composers Nikita Vazhenin, Daniil Tsovin (music studio PNK Studio)



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