The Moscow Kremlin Museums would like to invite grown-ups and children to take part in creative work en plein-air in the Grand Kremlin Garden!

Each guest of the Moscow Kremlin can try their hand at the easel painting. You can make your watercolour drawing from nature in a blooming Kremlin garden under the guidance of a consultant from 1 pm to 4 pm on 01 June 2022. Only the entrance ticket to the Moscow Kremlin Museums is needed to take part in the master class. You can make payment on our website or at the ticket office in the Alexander Garden.

There is a marvellous view from the Grand Kremlin Garden over world-famous architectural monuments of the Moscow Kremlin, namely Spasskaya Tower, ‘Ivan the Great’ Bell Tower, Tsar Bell, Tsar Cannon, the cathedrals, and Kremlin’s Gardens. All of these our guests can put on paper.

There is no age limit for participants. Paints, brushes and paper are prepared for you with care.

Plein airs at the Moscow Kremlin are traditional creative activities. The Museum’s Kids and Teens Educational Centre regularly runs the ‘Watercolour Journey’ programme and the ‘We Draw the Kremlin’ competition.