Зал 9. Экипажи XVI-XVIII веков.

The virtual exhibition “The Royal Carriages in the Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums” is based on the comprehensive material from the monograph “Ancient carriages” and the catalogue “Carriages of the 16th-18th centuries” by L.P. Kirillova and tells about the rarest royal carriages of the Russian sovereigns from the principal collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums. Due to its originality and entirety, the Kremlin collection is globally renowned. It occupies one of the first positions among the most significant collections of the world.

All seventeen carriages of the Armoury Chamber are present in this virtual exhibition. These true masterpieces of the 16th-18th cc. were created by Russian and foreign craftsmen. The exhibition opens with the essays about the formation of the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection and the role of the carriages in the court life. The sections highlighting the history of the development of carriages’ production in Russia, give an idea of functional, technical and artistic characteristics of the objects from the Kremlin collection. The catalogue is organized by the chronology.

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