The "Regalia of Russian Tsars" is a virtual exhibition of the exhibition series, linked to the Russian Romanov House. The first exhibition of the series is "Arsenal of Russian Tsars" (at the moment it is available  in the Russian language). The present exhibition includes three info sections and two subject catalogues.

The information part of the exhibition presents three essays. "Regalia of Russian Tsars in the Armoury collection" tells the story of the State Regalia Collection's forming and its place among the museum collections.  The “Setting for reigning and Crowning” essay opens up the main stages of the crowning ceremony and its attributes. A separate essay is dedicated to the Crown of Monomakh as an inheritable crown of the Russian rulers. Besides, any exhibition section is prefaced by information of changes, appeared in the State Regalia  Set as well as in the very crowning ceremonial.

You can also chose items by owners (in the main part of the display) and by types (in the subject catalogue).

Have a nice time!