noneDuring many centuries in the Moscow Kremlin Museums a unique collection of costumes and dresses, belonged to Russian Tsars and Emperors, has been developed.

You are welcome to make a visit to a virtual exhibition, dedicated to ceremonial clothing of the XVIIth - XIXth centuries. The display is organized according to a chronological principle and presents precious items from the epoch of Peter the Great to the time of the last Emperor Nicholas II.

The purpose of the project was to show the highlights of the Kremlin collection, especially the fashionable secular dresses in European and Russian styles, which were intended to be used during coronation ceremonies.

The display comprises images of fancy and secular dresses, headwear, footwear of crowned persons and accessories fashionable at the court. The displayed full-dress portraits of Emperors and Empresses reveal the fashion and styles of clothing in the Imperial Russia. You will see exhibits from the Kremlin funds, which are demonstrated at the virtual exhibition for the first time.

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