The virtual exhibition is devoted to the Easter presents from the House of Fabergé that for more than 70 years embellish the exposition of the Russian treasury – the Armoury chamber. It is based on the catalogue 'Fabergé. Easter Presents' of Tatiana Muntyan, research scientist of the Moscow Kremlin Museums and conservator of the Fabergé collection.

Ten Easter eggs, which belonged to the imperial family and were preserved by a miracle, are the core and pride of the Kremlin collection of Carl Fabergé art. It is symbolic that they are kept here, in the Kremlin that used to be the family museum of the Romanovs dynasty. The exhibition suggests observing the history of how each masterpiece was created.

The exhibition opens with the section, highlighting the history of the famous House of Fabergé and the collection of Easter presents from the Kremlin Museums funds. A separate section tells about Easter, the most revered orthodox holiday in Russia, and its significance in Carl Fabergé art.

Have a pleasant viewing!