You are welcome to make a visit to a virtual exhibition, dedicated to a theme of the Russian tableware and tradition of table setting and serving. The display, based on articles from the Moscow Kremlin Museums' collection, reveals main types of utensils which were widespread in everyday life of Russian people and Royal family in the XVIth-XVIIth centuries. Each article will impress you with a beauty of their materials and delicate workmanship.

The exposition begins with a review of tableware at court of Tsars and Patriarchs. The section presents precious items of great cultural and historical value. The role of the items was to serve as a vivid illustration of wealth and luxury of their keepers.

Having been arranged according to typological principle, general sections of the exhibition present main types of Russian tableware and the history of their origin and development. You will see exhibits from the Kremlin Armoury collection and from the Patriarch’s Palace as well as articles from the Museum funds, displayed at the virtual exhibition for the first time.

Have a nice trip!