The coronation costume of Emperor Alexander II was transferred to the Armoury Chamber on September, 17, 1856. It comprises eight items, including a general's uniform of the dark-green cloth, a helmet of black lacquered leather with two peaks and a plume of coloured feathers, and boots with silver-plated spurs. The coat and accessories were completed with red woollen trousers with gold stripes and leather straps, with a scarf-belt of silver brocade and white kid gloves.

The coronation dress of the Alexander II's wife - Maria Alexandrovna – corresponds to all rules of the official clothing. Her coronation mantle is an example of the essential part of Tsar's coronation attire, widely used during coronation ceremonies in the XVIIIth-XIXth centuries. Coronation mantles were traditionally made of smooth gold brocade and trimmed with ermine. From 1856 they were produced not only for Emperor and Empress, but also for dowager Empresses. Along with other articles of the regalia, mantles were carried by courtiers on special cushions through the Cathedral Square into the Assumption cathedral where the ceremony was organized. The pieces were woven from delicate gold brocade which is decorated with appliqueed two-headed eagles.