In the course of the new exposition's development, nine subject halls of the Armoury Chamber were formed. The basic part of Armoury collection was on the second floor, within the halls, which had to be the first when visiting the exposition. The exhibits of the halls "Armour", "Arms", "Trophies", "Crown", and "Silver" reveal the power and magnificence of the House of Romanov, the political and diplomatic history of Russia.

The first floor consisted of the halls "Model", "Portrait", "Home appliances", "Carriages", which included Tsars' personal items, trophies, obtained after the Polish uprising of 1831 has been defeated, welfare item, equipage's accessories.

In the second half of the XIXth century the ancient Tsar's regalia of the "Crown" hall were taken out from the showcases for the coronation ceremonies; in August, 1856, in the "Trophies" hall a ceremonial consecration of the State flag, executed on the occasion of the Alexander II's coronation, was held for the first time.

In 1860 A. Veltman, as curator of the Amoury Chamber, published a subject catalogue of the new museum exposition, illustrated with water-colours of D. Strukov, staff painter of the Armoury Chamber. The catalogue was translated into French, thus not only Russian educated readers obtained the opportunity to learn more about the Russian Imperial museum.

In 1860-s a grand research project was developed, i.e. scientific study of the museum exhibits; it led to edition of a multivolume Inventory of the Armoury collection (1884-1893). Later the Inventory was illustrated with photographs of the best Moscow photographers - G. Trunov, M. Panov, I. Barshevsky, Sherer & Nabholz photographic studio.

Thanks to their artworks our virtual exhibition has become a feasible project.

You are welcome to review the halls of the Armoury Chamber of the XIXth century.