The Moscow Kremlin funds include a collection of furnishings and carriages, executed specially for Tsar’s children. Only several items has been preserved till nowadays and all of them are delicate pieces of workmanship.

According to tradition, right after the birth of the heir apparent court craftsmen were to execute a cradle for him. Usually it was made of special type of wood, trimmed with foreign precious fabrics, and supplied with soft mattress, covering and pillow. A luxurious “golden” cradle was granted to a child by his godmother.

The display presents a cradle made of cloth and fitted with straps (pic.1), and a cradle of Grand Prince Alexander Pavlovich (pic.2) – a masterpiece of the XVIIIth century, occupying a special place among artworks by the Tula makers.

A small wooden chair (pic.3) could have belonged to Tsarevich Peter Alexeevich. Perhaps it was intended to be placed in the Kremlin Terem palace. At the present time the cradle is exposed in the Patriarch’s Palace.

At the exhibition you can see two children's summer and winter equipages made by Kremlin craftsmen in the XVIIth century. These vehicles, called “amusement” carriages, were used for entertainment and fun. The winter sledge, fitted with runners, was executed for the daughter of Tsar Ivan Alekseyevich and the summer carriage belonged to Peter the Great's son, Alexei. Such equipages are unique exhibits which can been seen only in our museum.