On September, 15, 1801 Alexander I wore the uniform of the Preobrazhensky Life Guards during coronation ceremony as his father had done for his coronation; the updated style of his costume reflect recent developments in military uniform. After the coronation ceremony has been finished the costume was transferred to the Armory Chamber.

The Emperor was fascinated by military uniform therefore he designed a new style for Russian regiments and continued the clothing reform having been started by Paul I. "A courtier noted that ‘the Emperor's court came to resemble soldiers’ barracks. The emperor’s office was full of orderlies, messengers and lance-corporals modelling the uniforms of various troops, and the emperor would spend hours with them, making chalk marks on their tunics and undergarments amidst samples of moustache brushes, boot brushes, button-polishing boards and other similar sundries.

The costume comprises a coat of dark-green cloth, short waistcoat fastened with nine buttons, patent leather boots with low built-up heels and spurs. It is completed with a hat of black felt – a new bicorn with the brim turned up on two sides instead of three.

On the display there is a portrait of the wife of Alexander I – Empress Elizaveta Alekseevna. She is represented in a blue-grey high-waisted dress, conforming to fashion of those times. On her head she is wearing a diadem in the form of a laurel wreath.