Endova bowl (pouring vessel)Vessels similar in form to large bratinas with a spout were used in Old Rus over many centuries. The collection of Russian tableware in the Armoury is unique both in size and in value of its components, but this is the only endova, presented within the exposition. It would be filled with mead, beer or wine and used to replenish smaller vessels. Decoration of the endova is based on the alternation of smooth, polished ovoli (a convex moulding having a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or ellipse) and ovoli with a flat-chased foliate ornament. The engraved inscription, running along the top of this spherical vessel, describes that it was granted to Vasily Ivanovich Streshnev, one of the relatives of Tsarina Eudokia Lukianovna, the second wife of Mikhail Fyodorovich.