14 October 2021, the “Alexander Nevsky. Name, Symbol, Legend” exhibition commemorating the 800th Anniversary of the Grand Prince has opened in the State anteroom of the Armoury Chamber. The Assistant to the President of Russia, chairman of the Russian Military History Society Vladimir Medinsky and director of the Department of the Museums and External Relations of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Alexander Voronko attended the opening ceremony. 

When inaugurating the exhibition, director-general of the Moscow Kremlin Museums Elena Gagarina said, “Alexander Nevsky is a very significant figure in national history, for our historical memory, for each period in the development of Russian history. Here you can see original pieces related to Alexander Nevsky, his family and the legends created during the centuries. A diversity of beautiful works prepared specially for this small-scale exhibition in the Armoury Chamber are on display for the first time. Those who come to the museum will see these unique exhibits.” 

Vladimir Medinsky emphasized a rare opportunity to explore genuine items of the epoch, “There are Russian and foreign chronicles written about Alexander Nevsky deeds. Fortunately, there are artefacts – original, unique exhibits allowing, if not touch, then at least feel the spirit of that epoch. One of the most striking pieces is Alexander Nevsky’s father’s helmet. The Grand Prince participates in the battle in Sergei Eisenstein’s movie, namely in such a helmet.

Alexander Voronko read out the greeting from the Russian Minister of Culture Olga Lyubimova to the show organizers, “I am sure that everyone will find a lot of interesting for oneself, while the museum area will be an inspiration for the arts community representatives for creating new works.” Alexey Voronkov expressed heartfelt gratitude to the team of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, “You managed to reproduce the atmosphere related to Alexander Nevsky, a symbol, a legend, so accurately, significantly and professionally. I am convinced that those thousands of people who immerse into the show will enrich their spiritual experience.”

On display in the Armoury Chamber are symbolic pieces from the collection of the Kremlin Museums, linked to his image and the history of venerating the figure of the renowned sovereign and warrior during the centuries, viz awards, ceremonial weapons, rare icons and many other items. Of an exceptional commemorative value is a helmet that belonged to the father of Alexander Nevsky, Prince Yaroslav Vsevolodovich.

The show will run till 12 January 2022.