On 7 September 2021, the Alexander I – Empires' Restorer exhibition has opened in the State Museum of the South Ural History (Chelyabinsk). On display are exceptional pieces relating to the Emperor and his epoch, when a lasting peace on the European continent was established, and the Armory Chamber became a museum.

Visitors will be able to contemplate items revealing different milestones in the sovereign’s life and reign, viz rare photographs of the Imperial family, a precious sabre presented to him by his grandmother Catherine the Great, stationery from the Small Kremlin Palace, his camping bed, pictures and engravings depicting Moscow and the Kremlin of the early 19th century. 

“Today we present a wide range of pieces relating to Alexander I, which have never been brought out and never been on display, even in the Moscow Kremlin Museums. It was of great importance for us to make this exhibition, after all, Alexander I is the founder of our museum! Either a single gift or a single donation was acquired in the Armoury Chamber without His Highest permission. We are talking about Alexander I both as about a politician and a very remarkable and versatile person, having an exceptionally significant perception of the historical events, whose part he became,” noted Elena Gagarina, director-general of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.    

Among participants of the opening ceremony were the Minister of Culture of the Chelyabinsk Oblast Alexey Betekhtin, Director of the State Museum of the South Ural History Vladimir Bogdanovsky, public figure, founder of the Social, Cultural and Educational Initiatives 2020 Fund Irina Teksler.  

Alexander I – Empires' Restorer exhibition is now on till 9 January 2022.