The exhibition "1872 Peter the Great's Anniversary in Moscow" is now on in the state anteroom of the Armoury Chamber. It is dedicated to the Polytechnic Exhibition that became the most magnificent and extraordinary project 150 years ago, as a part of the celebrations commemorating the 200th Anniversary of the first Russian emperor.

Among the participants of the opening ceremony was the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Moscow Kremlin Museums, Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport S.B. Ivanov, and the Assistant to the President of Russia, Chairman of the Russian Military History Society Vladimir Medinsky.

"The Polytechnic Exhibition was very influential in the development of industry and science and led to the creation of several museums — the Polytechnic and Historical museums, which we are proud of to this day," marked Elena Gagarina, director-general of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

"Today, events are taking place all over the country to remember our great monarch. The Polytechnic Exhibition was a highlight in commemorating the 200th Anniversary of Peter the Great. Among the exhibits on display here are those that he wore and held in his hands. Those who like such artefacts will enjoy," – added Sergei Ivanov.

Vladimir Medinsky noted, "The show can be small, by each piece is a diamond, and each specimen can be talked about for hours."

A welcome address from the Russian Minister of Culture O.B. Lyubimova was read out too, "This unique display is sure to reveal new horizons of knowledge about the Emperor’s epoch and personality. I wish all the guests an unforgettable experience and many happy returns."

The "1872 Peter the Great's Anniversary in Moscow" exhibition is on till 10 August 2022.