On 8 April 2021, the Moscow Kremlin Museums held a ceremonial opening of the exhibition Suprematism Vision: Space Motifs in the Graphic Works and Jewellery Designs of Nadia Léger, commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the world-first manned space flight.

In the opening speech, E. Yu. Gagarina, the General Director of the Moscow Kremlin Museums noted, that the exhibition starts working on the threshold of the Cosmonautics Day, and is related to the beginning of the space era. "The flight of the first man into space was the inspiration for creating a beautiful collection of Suprematist works, which we introduce to the public," said Elena Gagarina.

"This exhibition shows clearly that the first flight is more than a new era of scientific and technological progress. The first space flight made by Yuri Alexeevich Gagarin changed human minds all over the world, erasing the boundaries between the possible and the impossible. I think this exhibition speaks of that, although each of us will find its meaning in it since the artist's imagination is imbued with a reflection on the infinity of cosmos and space. It is very talented and so addictive," said Alla Yurievna Manilova, Secretary of State - Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation in her speech.

Mikhail Shvydkoy, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation, noted, "The English say "small is beautiful" — and this small exhibition is perfect in itself. It combines everything: the dream that man will break away from the Earth, as Malevich wrote about it, "from the ball—and fly into space", and the understanding that it all happened here, on the Russian land. This small collection, which is beautiful and reflects the enormous respect that art people had for Yuri Alexeyevich Gagarin."

The complete collection of jewellery in the Suprematism style by Nadia Léger will be displayed to the public for the first time. In commemoration of the dawn of the Space Age associated with the flight of the Vostok satellite spaceship manned by the Soviet pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the artist created thirty-seven pieces of jewellery—brooches, rings, and watches.

Along with the jewellery pieces, it will showcase a graphic portrait of Nadia, made by her husband Fernand Léger; four Suprematist Compositions from the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, and Pablo Picasso’s drawing from the collection of the art patron Mikhail Karisalov, depicting Yuri Gagarin as a soaring dove. 

An exclusive lecture programme The Cosmic Sensation. From Baroque to Suprematism was prepared for the exhibition, which will help visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the project and learn more about the works of Nadia Léger.