On 18 May, the opening of the exhibition The Treasury of King Christian IV of Denmark took place in the State Anteroom of the Armoury Chamber. The project brought together about thirty items that introduce visitors to the history of the reign of King Christian IV and the development of Russian-Danish relations in the 17th century. Guests at the vernissage were able to admire diplomatic gifts and other masterpieces from the Royal Treasury.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Director-General of the Moscow Kremlin Museums E.Yu. Gagarina and Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation, ambassador for special missions M.E. Shvydkoy.

"With the Time of Troubles, the treasury was devastated, the Kremlin was completely destroyed, and everything that had been stored in the Armoury Chamber before the Time of Troubles was gone. That's why it was necessary to complete everything that was needed to decorate the royal court. At this point, the relationship with Christian IV played a very important role. Denmark was a very powerful state at that time, almost an empire - it occupied a vast territory from Lapland to Germany and had conquered India. That's why friendly contacts with it were very important for the Russian state. The books, paintings and beautiful jewellery on display tell an extraordinary historical story," Elena Gagarina said when opening the exhibition.

"The Romanovs begin their way to define the Russian state in Europe – after the Time of Troubles this becomes very important – that is why this exhibition on the one hand features masterpieces, first of all, made by German jewellers, but at the same time it represents a significant part of historical and political life, as well as foreign policy of the Moscow Tsardom," Mikhail Shvydkoy noted.


The Treasury of King Christian IV of Denmark exhibition will run until 16 August 2023. The price is included in the cost of an admission ticket to the Armoury Chamber.