On 14 March 2024, the "Amateur Scholars of Russian History. Pavel Karabanov and Moscow Collectors of the 19th Centuryexhibition opening ceremony was held at the Moscow Kremlin Museums. The aim of the display is to introduce the public to one of the most interesting private collections of the first half of the 19th century, which belonged to Pavel Karabanov, the connoisseur of Russian history and a collector of Russian antiques. Unwilling to part with his brainchild during his lifetime, he bequeathed it to Emperor Nicholas I and, in his person, to his homeland after his death.

The Karabanov clan has a rich history, its members carefully preserved family relics and legends, which became the basis for the creation of Pavel Karabanov’s home museum, which he had been forming for more than fifty years. The exhibition also presents pieces that once belonged to the collectors, Karabanov’s contemporaries, namely count Musin-Pushkin, princes Yusupov and Obolensky, journalist and publicist Pogodin.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Director of the Museums and External Relations Department of the Russian Ministry of Culture E.M. Kharlamova and the Director General of the Moscow Kremlin Museums E.Yu. Gagarina.

"It’s a unique gathering of colleagues who understand the importance of the Kremlin Museums, who appreciate the incredible exhibitions that open here, and the great work that the museum does in preserving our history. First of all, I would like to thank the restorers who have been involved in this work and in the preparation of the project. Today is your day of celebration and your triumph, so I thank you and congratulate you on the opening of this display. As for the patrons of art and the people who have created and passed on our history, just as Pavel Karabanov passed on his collection to the country, they help us not only to preserve artefacts – thanks to these pieces we manage to restore historical memory, historical facts," said Elena Kharlamova.

"Our exhibition is dedicated to collectors of Russian art: books, engravings, decorative and applied arts, fabrics and everything that made the Russian court rich and famous. These are both works created by Russian masters and pieces similar to those kept in the Armoury Chamber. Today I would like to pay tribute to those who put so much effort and hard work into assembling the wonderful collections that are now part of the collection of the Armoury Chamber," noted Elena Gagarina.

The exhibition "Amateur Scholars of Russian History. Pavel Karabanov and Moscow Collectors of the 19th Century" goes on until 26 May 2024 in the exhibition halls of the Patriarch’s Palace and Assumption Belfry.