On 23 June 2023, on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the photo exhibition of the Moscow Kremlin Museums "Great Victories of the Russian Empire: Peter I and Karl XII" was ceremonially open.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Director of Publishing Activities and Special Programs Elena Milovzorova, the curator of the display Vassily Novoselov, and the author of the photographs Valentin Overchenko.

"We are one of the major treasuries in Russia and a federal cultural institution, so it's very important for us to cooperate with Moscow and bring the best of what we have to offer to both residents and visitors to the capital. The name of the exhibition is no coincidence – our collection includes a large number of real artefacts related to the Great Northern War, things that belonged to Peter the Great himself, as well as items related to Karl XII. This is our third project with the Moscow Department of Culture. We hope it will continue in the future – we have something to show the city!" Elena Milovzorova said to the guests.

"The Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection includes a significant number of insignia and relics, linked to the most important events in the country’s history. It was the time of Peter the Great that became very meaningful for us, because it was from that moment that the tradition of keeping trophies and artefacts connected with the victories of Russian weapons began. Peter was the first to purposefully preserve the banners of enemy troops, the symbol of the army's voice – kettledrums, regimental musical instruments, as well as the guns captured by the Russian troops from the commanders of the enemy armies," Vassily Novoselov noted.

"It is a portrait of our historical pieces, a discourse on the drama of these objects, so we tried to make a tonally aged, dark, dramatic story and a structured, detailed shot to not only see but also 'feel' the life of these objects," Valentin Overchenko added.

With the help of high quality zoomed images, visitors can learn more about the history and main characters of the Great Northern War, which took place between Russia and Sweden in 1700-1721. This is a great opportunity to examine in detail both the exhibits of the Armoury Chamber and the items kept in the funds, which are currently inaccessible to the general public.


The exhibition is held:

22 June - 16 July on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

17 July - 16 August on Tverskoy Boulevard

17 August - 06 September on Nikitsky Boulevard