06 December 2019 – 16 Мarch 2020

State Historical Museum

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the State Historical Museum
State Historical Museum, The Moscow Kremlin Museums, State Depository for Precious Metals, Ryazan Historical and Architectural Museum and Heritage Site, private collections

Cross of the Order of St George, 1st class, on a ribbon. Russia, St. Petersburg, early 19th century

The Moscow Kremlin Museums participate in the exhibition at the State Historical Museum, giving on loan the unique pieces from the Museums’ collection. Among them are commemorative Badges of the Order of St George, "chapter samples" (etalon insignia made by jewellers-official suppliers of the Chapter of Russian Imperial and Tsarist Orders), Badge of the Order of the 1st class, the one presented to Emperor Alexander I by the Council of the Order, as well as the 1913 Statute of the Order, i.e. an original document, signed by Emperor Nicholas II, and the seal of the Order.

In addition to the Orders, the Museums are pleased to show military trophy obtained by Cavaliers of the Order of St George, for example, a Turkish dagger, that was captured in one of the battles during the Russia-Turkey War 1768-1774.

Visitors to the exhibition will also have a chance to see a blade of the honorary “gold sword for bravery”, decorated with diamonds and insignias telling about the victories of the Russian Army over Persia. That sward belonged to General I.F. Paskevich, the Full Cavalier of the Order of St George.