December, 9, 2009 - January, 14, 2010

the Front Hall of the Armoury Chamber

Organized by:
   the Moscow Kremlin Museums 

1#Sculpture "El sueño de Ícaro" (“Icarus’ Dream”)The Moscow Kremlin museums present a small exhibition, timed to the New Year's holidays. Its exposition serves as an expression of gratitude to different organizations and persons who assisted in replenishing of the Moscow Kremlin museum's collection with new outstanding exhibits. The displayed items include artworks executed by the world-known Russian and foreign jewellery firms, as well as articles from the Imperial Porcelain Manufacture.

Among the museum's grantors are the major jewellery firms of Europe. At the exhibition you can see the "Algae" set, provided by the Swiss goldsmith Gilbert Albert, one of the long-standing associates of the Armoury Chamber, whose artworks are remarkable for being made of materials, unusual for jewellery making. The jewellery piece by the famous Spanish firm Carrera y Carrera - sculptural figure "Icarus" – reveals a combination of massive gold and baroque pearls of curious forms which is a characteristic of the enterprise's production. The celebrated House of Cartier is represented by a gorgeous diamond brooch in an art-deco style. The delicate evening bag of silver has been granted by the Buccellati family enterprise of Italy. Its design, chased by hand, imitates the surface of a precious fabric.

The group of Russian grantors includes firms as well as private individuals. Thanks to the activity of the company ALROSA the Kremlin museums' funds was replenished with a gold panagia, executed by the Moscow P. Olovyanishnikov's firm. An outstanding piece of workmanship - the openwork pendant-brooch by the famous jewellery workshop of I. Chichelev - was presented to the museum by F. Kartashev. The bracelet, granted by F. Shavyrin, had been executed by makers of the well-known Moscow Adler's firm, production of which practically has not been exposed in museums' collections. The splendid brooch by West European makers, a gift of V. Kirichenko, was executed in a manner which has been traced to the second half of the XIXth century.

The most noteworthy exhibits among pieces of jewellery are the artworks by executed by the world-known firms of C. Faberge, F. Lorie, F. Kochly, K. Bock. Traditions of European jewellery making are represented in artworks by makers from the French companies Froment-Meurice and Mellerio. All the exhibits are of delicate workmanship and of great historical and artistic value. From the Imperial Porcelain Manufacture you can see here two pair vases, executed during the epoch of Emperor Alexander II, which are decorated with painting by the maker from the Krasovsky family.

This small holiday exposition introduces the audience to remarkable artworks and exposes a new page in the history of the Moscow Kremlin museums.