September, 20 - November, 16, 2006.

The Moscow Kremlin Museums

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The Moscow Kremlin Museums, The State Archives of the Russian Federation 

01# Crown prince Alexander Aleksandrovich (co-author A. Bogolubov). View of the bight and town.Since the times of Catherine II, members of the Imperial family were perfectly educated. The Fine Arts, i.e. dancing classes, playing at least one musical instrument, training in drawing and painting, were the integral part of teaching.

Alexander Alexandrovich was one of the august children, who have preserved the passion to art and painting. His vast collection of canvases, drawings, arts and crafts' items, sculptures was transferred to the State Russian Museum, established on his initiative in 1895. Emperor Alexander III and Empress Maria Fyodorovna, the admirers of Fine Arts, cultivated in their children a taste for artworks and oeuvre.

On the display visitors are to see the "dilettante" works of art, which are worthy of notice because of their makers, not their marvellous execution. This collection, revealing some aspects of the Tsars' private life, is one of the remarkable evidences of our past and history.