December, 20, 2006 - February, 11, 2007

The One-Pillar Chamber of the Patriarch's Palace of the Moscow Kremlin

Organized by:
The Moscow Kremlin Museums, company "Biblio-Postcard"

Post-card. Moscow. At the Stone Bridge. 97The Moscow Kremlin Museums represent the exhibition of the post-cards, published in the late XIXth – early XXth century, from the Moscow private collections.

The role of picture post-cards as a mode of communication is unique in the cultural and social life of Russia during the XIXth – XXth centuries. The post-cards' vivid illustrations were in demand and famous throughout the country.

The exposition is divided into several sections, containing post-cards with pictorial views of the Moscow Kremlin architectural monuments, souvenir and picture post-cards, cards with genre paintings. Over 400 post-cards, depicting Kremlin, display some interesting scenes from the everyday life of Moscow, i.e. Emperor and Empress, walking out from the Red Porch, the opening of the Alexander II's monument, the flood of 1908, a religious procession, guard mounting parade, festival. The visitors will see the Kremlin personages, such as guard, tradespeople and customers in the trading rows of the Moscow Kremlin, travellers and others.

The exhibition presents artworks, executed by the community of Saint Eugenia, photographic studio "Sherer, Nabgolts and Co", publishing house of I. Selin and P. von Girgenson, M. Campel and many others.

Visitors have an opportunity to see a “documentary film” about the history of picture post-cards, to send e-mail with images of old post-cards, as well as be photographed against panorama of the Kremlin in company with postmans of the late XIXth – early XXth century.

You are welcome to plunge into atmosphere of the old city and take a stroll along the ancient Kremlin.