February, 20 - April, 20, 2008

The Assumption Belfry of the Moscow Kremlin

Organized by:
The Moscow Kremlin Museums, Gallery of the author's weapon "Russian Chambers ", Moscow, workshop-studio "Mezhov", Saint-Petersburg, workshop of cold steel "Koval", Saint-Petersburg, association "Guild of armourers", Moscow, art workshop-studio "Practice", Zlatoust  

01# Sheathed knife on a base - tabletop composition The display includes the best artworks of today, executed by famous Russian armourers. It represents the art knives as wonders of delicate workmanship, distinguished by variety of forms, styles, materials and techniques.

Arms usually occupy a special sphere of material culture and demonstrate the level development and technical proficiency of each country. Functionality and efficiency of the Russian cold steel are always combined with interesting design, that is why articles by armourers are often compared to masterpieces of Applied and Decorative Arts.

Interest in cold steel was quickened in Russia at the turn of the XXIth century, thus it led to development and evolution of author's weapons. Design and dйcor of cold steel integrates historical and ethnographical motives, tendencies of the European Applied and Decorative Arts, ornamental patterns and forms of Oriental countries. Items by the Russian armourers have become the works of art for its high art quality and technical features.