July, 6 - July, 19, 2006

The Armoury Chamber's vestibule

Organized by:
MTT company (the agent for Ulysse Nardin in Russia), the Swiss watch manufactory Ulysse Nardin, FSI "The State Historical and Cultural Museum-Preserve "The Moscow Kremlin"

Replica of Astrarium of Giovanni de DondiThe very exhibition, dedicated to the 160th Anniversary of the Ulysse Nardin firm, is a token of respect for an important invention of humankind, which is mechanical watch. In spite of function commonness this utilitarian instrument had an influence upon many aspects of human life during several centuries.

Undoubtedly, the Swiss watch manufactory Ulysse Nardin has made an important contribution to the development of mechanical timepieces, which have won the "Chronos Innovation Prize" 4 times and entered the Guinness Book of World Records twice. Of the 4,504 certificates for marine chronometers issued, 4,324 were issued to Ulysse Nardin.

For the first time, in the context of the exhibition, the masterpieces of watch making are represented. The visitors will see the exclusive models of Ulysse Nardin, and other pieces of virtu, i.e. the first chronograph, scaled with a decimal fraction interval, the most unusual entirely wooden clock of M. Bronnikov, one of the oldest astronomical clocks - "Astrarium" of Dondi, the first clock with built-in planetarium of Leroy.

The collection of Ulysse Nardin was made of the items from the world's different museums and private collections. Nowadays the very exhibition is one of the most extensive displays of watches, which have ever been brought to Russia from abroad.