May, 15 - June, 15, 2009

the Front Hall of the Armoury Chamber 

Organized by:
 the Moscow Kremlin Museums 

01# Workers of the Armoury Chamber near the Tsar Bell in 1954-56For the first time in the Armoury Chamber our visitors can observe an interesting retrospective of life and history of the Moscow Kremlin Museums presented in photographs of 1919-2009. The exhibition comprises more than 100 pictures, carefully preserved by researchers of the Museum's archival department. The display reveals important moments and facts of the Museum's everyday life and activities, represents images of distinguished research workers and visitors of the Museum, including statesmen, public figures, politicians and scientists.

Most of the pictures have never been exhibited; some of them were taken by amateur photographers such as the Museum's workers who tried to capture the most interesting events related to Kremlin Museums.

The exposition includes pictures of the Museum's leaders and staff at work while examining and analyzing exhibits, preparing museum expositions, scientific conferences, carrying out archeological excavations and etc. One of the exhibition sections is dedicated to amateur art activities and theatricals originated in 1960s and carried out even nowadays. Items worthy of particular attention depict the celebrations of the 200th Anniversary of the Moscow Kremlin Museums.

Such a unique display of great historical and cultural value is going to become nice surprise for every person interested in history of the Kremlin Museums.